1. The Three Sea Captains, Old Man Dillon, Charlie the Prayermaster
2. Sort of Silver Bells, McCusker's Delight
3. Bill Cheatum, Liberty
4. St. Adele's Reel, Woodchopper's Reel, You Married My Daughter - But You Didn't
5. Planxty Erwin
6. Little Judique Reel, Parry Sound Reel
7. Mudgy Waltz, Margravine's Waltz
8. Church Street, St. Mary's
9. The Tempest, Double Lead Through
10. Hobart's Transformation
11. Fennigmania
12. Humors of Ballingary, Captain John White, Rosewood
13. Antogonish Polka Medley
14. Free and Easy
15. Cuffy, Sleepy Lou
16. The Battle of the Somme, The Fireside Polka
17. The Hogmanay, Mrs. Grace Bowie
18. Swing Away, Rowe's Division
19. The Dixie Bee Line
20. Bolger's Hornpipe, All Hands Around, Miss Monaghan
21. The Shepherd's Wife Waltz, Brian Boru's March, McDermot's Reel

1. Reel De Montreal, The Grand Chain, Pays De Haut
2. Pride Of Petravore, Random Notes, Polly The Lass
3. Un Canadian Errant, Hunsden House
4. Bouchard's Reel, Reel D'Onion
5. Fitzmaurice Polka, Juanita, La Grondeuse
6. Little St. Ann's, Billy's Chinese Tune
7. Glacky Hornpipe, The Quickstep, Young Scotty
8. Flowers of the Thorn, Dover Pier
9. Here Comes The Young Man, Jimmy McKinnon of Smeltbrook
10. Planxty McGuire, March Of St. Timothy, Meeting Of The Waters
11. Richard's Jig, Hat's Off To Scotty, Pete's Peery Boat
12. Irish Lament - Bridget O’Malley
13. Reel De Chantier, Pont Au Pic
14. The Slocket Light, Spootis Kerry, Jack's Delight

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